Thursday, 3 October 2013

8ish in the morning today

Waiting for the classroom door to be unlocked, I sat with an unfamiliar new friend of mine. She had a blessed golden complexion Masha'Allah and seemed of an oriental appearance... perhaps Malaysian or Philippine descent. I was wrong.

"No, I'm Chinese. I'm from the poorer parts where it's usually much hotter that's why people are a lot more tanned there." she laughed

"So are your parents quite tanned too or...?"

"Na, my parents are white."


"They're white-English. I'm adopted."

I waited for her to laugh because for a moment I thought she was joking or being sarcastic. Or maybe I just wanted her to be. A part of me did. My heart sank.

Something clicked in my head all those Geography lessons I had two years ago. Eyes started watering. Wallahi literally had tears in my eyes. Tried to keep my composure though. Held it all in.

"I was given up for adoption... my parents adopted me from an orphanage in China." she said calmly, relaxed.

I am still currently in absolute awe.

God is the greatest. <3

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